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Product Description

    ROOT FIBER Polydextrose liquid is made from polydextrose, the concentration of 75%, dietary fiber content of more than 70%. It can replace honey or various syrups to make a functional cake with low sweetness, low calories, nice color and high dietary fiber content.

Characteristics of Polydextrose liquid

1. Low sweetness: The Polydextrose liquid is three tenths as sweet as sucrose syrup and half as sweet as sorbitol.

2, low calories: polydextrose caloric value is very low, only one tenth of sucrose. As a filler and ingredient, it can effectively reduce the calories of food, avoid excess nutrition, and meet people's requirements of low energy of food.

3. High fiber content: dietary fiber content is more than 70%.

4. Viscosity: Like sucrose, Polydextrose liquid is a typical Newtonian liquid. Under the same conditions, the viscosity of Polydextrose liquid is higher than sucrose.

5. Wettability: Polygdextrose can be used as a wetting agent to prevent or slow the adverse changes of wet food, which can make the food neither dehydrated nor absorbent. In confectionery and baked goods, polydextrose regulates the rate at which water is absorbed or lost during storage.